It’s raining, it’s clammy, it’s definitely warm enough to leave the winter coat behind, but wet enough to require some sort of shield from the showers – after all there’s nothing worse than sitting in the office in wet clothes all day!

Now, for a woman, the decision on what to wear on a day like this is easy. The rain coat of course. Most of us have some sort of trench that we bought especially for days like this, in fact we are quite excited to have the opportunity to wear it. But you guys, I have noticed, tend to have less options in the way of coats and jackets. You’re right, you don’t need ten coats, one for  snow, one for rain, one for warm weather etc., you need a few that are versatile, that you can layer, and will get you through more than just a few rainy days.

That’s why I love a coated or waxed lightweight spring jackets that doubles as a sportcoat. If it’s too lightweight for very early spring, pair it with a thin vest, like the zip-in waistcoats form Barbour. Then as the days get warmer you can wear it alone without the extra layer. 


Lightweight rainwear

Michael Kors waterproof travel sportcoat $250



Kent & Curwen Bonded Waterproof Jacket $556



Boss Orange Omnitronic-D Cotton field jacket $495



If you wear a suit to work every day, you’ll need something longer so opt for a trench that fits over your suit or sportcoat. I love a nice navy trench on a man, especially with a grey suit underneath; it looks slightly more modern than the classic khaki trenches, but that all depends on your coloring. Here are a few trenches that work great with work wear.


Trench coats

Burberry Brit Trench Coat $895



Brunello Cucinelli Navy Trench


Vince Camuto $130.65



Finally, let me tell you what doesn’t look good, that windbreaker with your company’s logo on it from six years and two jobs ago. Ditch that immediately. Oh, and please invest in a good quality umbrella, none of those $5 pieces of junk you get on the street corner. Honestly, though rain can be a pain, it can also be an opportunity to show off some style. 



Howard Yount

Howard Yount

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