Most of my male clients are willing to drop the big bucks on a good tailored suit because they know that quality and fit speaks volumes. But that's not the case when it comes to coats. Why is that? In my experience, the coats that guys buy are not warm enough. Maybe it’s that they are more willing to invest in a versatile jacket that will take them through fall and early winter and are less likely to spend up for something they’ll only need for a few freezing months.

Here’s the problem – when it’s snowing and blowing icy, wet wind in your face, that’s when you need something that’s really going to get the job done. But that doesn’t mean you should wear the same neon ski jacket you wear on the slopes or that outdated, oversized Gor-tech monstrosity that you’ve been holding on to for the last 15 years.

Fortunately parker coats and puffers have slimmed down, they often have minimal or sleek pockets and are not as heavy as they used to be. The really cool thing is that they actually look really good with a suit. Just make sure that the coat is longer than your suit jacket and you’ll be all good.


To save you from the cold and the embarrassment of ugly, outdated outerwear I’ve picked my favorite heavy-duty winter coats to get you through the season. CLICK HERE to see them.