It can be tough to get back into work mode and the tailored clothing mindset after a long, luxurious summer of shorts, tees and flip flops. Guys, you'll start to see your colleagues dressing up more after Labor Day, but a structured suit or sport coat may seem too structured and constricting so soon after all the BBQ-ing and beer. I suggest easing into things with a versatile jersey knit or stretch cotton blazer. There are several options out there for this sportcoat hybid - though I am really in love with those by Circolo 1901. What’s great about these soft jackets is that they feel like you’re wearing a lightweight sweatshirt but the lapels and two-buttons give a more dressed up feel. In some office environments you can wear it with a crisp shirt and slacks, but you can also wear it with a tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers just about anywhere. 

From top left clockwise: Circolo 1901 , Jack Threads , Circolo 1901,   Todd Snyder , Circoli 1901.

From top left clockwise: Circolo 1901, Jack Threads, Circolo 1901, Todd Snyder, Circoli 1901.

I’m pretty obsessed with the sweatshirt blazer for Fall and there are a few to choose from. (If you’re in NYC Rothman’s has a new shipment of Circolo 1901’s best styles). To shop more of my favorite styles, click HERE. And to learn how to style them for early Fall, or to upgrade your wardrobe for the upcoming season with a Sort, Shop & Style, send me an email at [email protected]

Fair Harbor co-founder Jake in a Circolo 1901 jersey blazer at Rothman's. 

Fair Harbor co-founder Jake in a Circolo 1901 jersey blazer at Rothman's.