Goldman Sachs & Fabulous Flats

Last week we talked all things fashion and style in the workplace with the Women’s Network at Goldman Sachs. We talked about our frenetic lifestyle and how things like shopping, taking inventory of our wardrobes and dedicating time to put together a few power outfits invariably falls to the bottom of the to-do list. That is until the night before that all-important meeting or  business trip and you find yourself scrambling to pull together looks that make you feel like the confident, successful power woman you are. And that last minute scrambling never feels good. 

We delved into wardrobe management, the importance of editing seasonally, making sure you have a strong foundation of basics, and knowing where to splurge and where to save. 

This fun and lively group had a lot of questions: how to stay warm yet still stylish in an aggressivly air conditioned office, how to accessorize well, what’s appropriate in a corporate world (fur, fishnets and feathers? Sadly, no), and where to find the perfect pumps.

While everyone loves a good heel, these women are walking New Yorkers and need comfort as well as style so the most popular question of the afternoon was where to find fabulous flats that are comfortable and cool. So in response we quickly put together a Favorite Flats Guide that includes both affordable and splurge worthy options, from mules to loafers to ballet flats. We hope you’ll find it useful too! 

If you have a killer pair of flats that keep your feet blister free and fabulous please share in the comments or send an email and I’ll add it to the guide. 

Me at Goldman Sachs, giving a few tips on style and presence in the workplace. 

Me at Goldman Sachs, giving a few tips on style and presence in the workplace.