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What to Wear to a Movie Premiere

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the premier of The Glass Castle, a movie adaptation of the book by Janette Walls which I devoured when I read it back in the late 2000’s. The movie stars Brie Larson and Namoi Watts (a mom at my son’s school) so I was thrilled to see them in action and meet them in person.

But before all that fun, I of course had to figure out what to wear and it led me to launch a new blog series, “What Should I Wear?” that will answer your questions on what to wear to specific events you have coming up. (More on that later).

So here are my top tips on What To Wear To a Movie Premiere:

  1. Take into consideration the location, the time of day. LA is generally more casual than New York, an evening viewing will be more dressy than daytime.
  2. Consider the movie genre. If it’s a kids film the attire could also be a touch more casual and playful.
  3. Movie theaters can be chilly so for women wearing dresses consider bringing a thin wrap that you can fold small and keep in your clutch, or borrow your date’s suit jacket. And obviously you’ll be sitting for the movie – which is the main event – so make sure your outfit is comfortable to sit in a movie theater chair.
  4. Is there an after party? If so where. Will you be walking several city blocks or jumping in a cab - something to think about as you plan.
  5. Know that there'll be a wide range of dressiness - the stars will be decked out to the nines and reviewers and guests will be coming from work. It's good to be somewhere in the middle. 

In my case it was an evening event in Manhattan for an adult movie in the middle of summer, so I opted for royal blue Diane Von Furstenberg jumpsuit with nude, peep-toe heels and my Chloe clutch. My date wore a navy custom suit and white custom shirt by Ian Rios NY, brown shoes, brown belt and a pocket square.

So if you have an event coming up and you’re not sure what to wear, send me an email at and I’ll give you my tips.