Nicola & Natalie, Corporate Style Consultants

We might not like to admit it, but what we wear matters. Studies show that how we dress affects not only how we’re perceived by others but also our productivity. Your employees should be your best brand ambassadors through the way they present themselves on a daily basis. As dress codes evolve and change, associates are left questioning what’s appropriate, and companies are struggling to communicate what works and what doesn’t in a corporate world that is moving toward business casual. Adding a style consulting program to your existing benefits allows your company to recruit better, retain employees, and promote goodwill.


Natalie Tincher, owner of Buttoned Up, and Nicola Harrison, owner of Harrison Style, are experts in corporate culture and personal branding. They will share their expertise with your employees to teach them why dressing well matters, how to create their personal style brand, along with the nonverbal message of their clothing and the reflection it has on them and their company.

After dressing hundreds of clients from busy lawyers to financial executives to creatives for a wide variety of situations, Natalie and Nicola have cracked the style code, figured out the formula, and, most importantly, they know how to
it in a way that’s educated, up-to-date, persuasive, and approachable.


Let’s meet! After discussing the specific needs of your corporation and its associates as well as the current dress codes or lack thereof, we’ll create a customized program that will educate and empower your employees. 

Our presentation will use real-life examples to illustrate topics such as:

  • Building wardrobe basics

  • Understanding appropriate attire for all work scenarios

  • Cracking the business casual code

  • Discovering and developing your style brand   

One-on-one style consultations will give employees the opportunity to:

  • Learn their body type and ideal colors and receive style recommendations  

  • Discuss various work scenarios and how to dress for each situation (eg, client-facing versus internal meetings, business dinner versus off-site conference)

  • Create a strategic game plan for a personal style brand that’s in tune with the company and allows the individual to feel authentic

  • Ask personal style questions privately away from a group setting



Single Presentation: 1–1.5 hours
All-Day Training: Includes single presentation + 20-minute, 1-on-1 employee style consultations

Contact us for more information on pricing and package options.



“Great presentation! Very attentive and knowledgeable about fashion and in tune with trends. It was a helpful seminar. Thank you! I really appreciate that Time Warner offers this type of seminar—it promotes goodwill and employee appearance as well!!”

—Time Warner Employee


“Thank you very much for doing a fantastic job! The feedback forms confirmed this sentiment. You presented valuable information in an interesting and entertaining way. Your delivery and activities kept the audience engaged throughout the presentation.”

—HR Director

"I knew a proper wardrobe was key, but with embarrassing honesty I did not have a clue on how to proceed. For the first time in my life, kind strangers would pause me on the street to compliment my clothing. Wow!"

—Private Client, Publishing Executive